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Have you ever been overweight? If you’re living in the United States right now, your answer is probably “Yes.” And then you sigh a little bit. Why does it seem like the world is getting more and more obese? Is it our food? Is it our lack of exercise? Is it gravity? What is it that makes us fat?

Our documentary will explore all the facets of health and nutrition, from popular weight loss programs, crash diets, advanced nutrition, food production, and different exercise plans—and all of this will be to spark a discussion about being able to live healthy in today’s modern food culture.

We will follow multiple people with compelling stories of weight gain and struggle, and we will use the information we’re learning to find a specific solution for each person to put them on a road to health that will continue forward.

Part of the learning process will be breaking down popular notions of what makes people lose weight, in order to bring to light the fact that every person’s body chemistry is different, so doing one thing might help your friend, but it could make you gain weight instead.

How does modern food production, the rise of synthetics and use of preservatives in our food affect the way our body operates? What if you could look at your own body chemistry and understand why you crave the foods you crave the most? What if you could correct those cravings? What bodily system malfunctions or improperly operating organs are most commonly responsible for weight gain and obesity? Would you say thyroid? I think you’ll be surprised. It’s time the public had the answers to these questions.

Has a doctor ever told you that you need to exercise more? Probably. Has he ever told you the most effective way to exercise to get the results you need? Probably not. We will approach professional trainers and specialists and learn about the different methodologies there are to losing weight, whether it’s cardio, weight training, or pilates, and explain why some people are wasting their time with their specific workout routine.

Modern medicine is a multi-billion dollar business, and we want to look closer to see the effects of these medicines and weight loss surgeries and show the alternatives. We will reach out to manufacturers of dietary supplements to talk about their process.

This documentary will shock you and it will make you feel good about your options, but it will also inform you and leave you humming with a tune that you’ll remember forever. If you like getting answers to the questions you have likely been asking your whole life about weight loss, this will be the film for you.








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