Phat Pack

You’ll be part of our Team!  You can lose weight too!  Receive the weight loss secrets revealed in the film before it comes out.

By donating at least $50 to our project (via indiegogo) and showing that you want this information in the hands of the public as much as we do, we’re going to take you under our wing and help you lose weight, just like those in the film.  You may even end up in the final product!

What the PHAT PACK includes…

  • A signed copy of Executive Producer T.C. Hale’s book, Kick Your Fat in the Nuts.  This book will help you understand why diets have failed you in the past, how there is no diet that is right for every person, and how to look at your own body chemistry and understand what nutritional choices are best for you and your chemistry.
  • Elite Street Team status!  You’ll be first to get the scoop and help us promote events for the movie.  As a Street Team member, once you register for free on our Online Community, you can…

Learn weight loss secrets.
Share your weight loss progress with others.
Talk about what’s working or not working for you.
Access video tutorials about nutrition and weight loss.
Post your before and after photos/videos.  These may be highlighted on our Success Stories page, used in the DVD bonus footage, or possibly in the film.

Don’t go at it alone.  Be part of our community and find the support you need as you learn how to reach your goals.