Street Team

Are you awesome? Then you qualify to be a part of the Why Am I So Fat? Street Team!

What is the Street Team?

The Why Am I So Fat? Street Team is a group of people who care about the Why Am I So Fat? documentary project, who get priority access to important and breaking news about the project, and who are willing to spread the word about our project through social media and other avenues.

Why should I become part of the Street Team?


By becoming a member of the Why Am I So Fat? Street Team, you will be part of an exclusive club of cool people.

You will be invited to our private Why Am I So Fat? Street Team Facebook Group, which will allow you to receive information about the project before it goes public.

We want this movie to be a movement towards health, so we will be much more interactive and close-knit with the people on the street team about sharing ideas, hearing suggestions, and finding ways to make our movie more widespread.

As an added bonus, dedicated volunteers will be listed in the movie credits as a Street Team member!

What do I do once I am a Street Team member?

Spread the word. We need help getting our project out there, and we know that everyone has a different social media circle, and we want to reach as far as we can.

As a Street Team member, we are counting on you to re-post, share, tweet, like, +1, or whatever other things you can do online to bring attention to our project.

We need an army of awesome. We can get the attention we need with support through numbers, so the biggest thing you can do is spread the links, posts, blogs, and videos that we release so that they can get in front of as many eyes as possible.

Every week or so, we will send you a link to whatever we are promoting at the time. Your job will be to shout it to the world with us.

Is that it? What if I want to do more?

That’s the spirit! We know some of you have giant hearts, so we want to make sure you have the tools you need to use them to their fullest! Here are some things you can do, and if you do them, you can become a Super Street Team Member!

CONTACT US with the subject “STREET TEAM” or message us on the Street Team Facebook Page, and we can send you flyers to pass out, or ask your favorite stores if they will let you leave them at a display to support.

Be on the look out for someone who is looking to lose a lot of weight to become healthy and refer them to us. Have them contact us HERE with “REFERRED BY ____” in the subject line.

Everyone has a different social media circle, and we are looking to garner attention from celebrities or other personalities in the public eye. If you are able to get someone with notoriety or celebrity status to mention our film and fundraiser to their fans on Facebook or Twitter, you will receive a Why Am I So Fat? Street Team baseball cap.

We are looking for continued financial support, so if you know of anyone that could be a possible investor, we will be able to provide you with an Investor’s Packet electronically or by mail to give to your connection. If your efforts help us raise over $1,000 we will give your name a special thanks in the credits. Be sure that your investor indicates they were referred by you.

We are going to be engaging in Viral Video campaigns, most of which will involve asking normal people questions about losing weight. As a member of the street team, we will let you know when we are putting together the next video so you can submit footage of questions and answers that you have asked to people, and they may make the cut, as well as potentially making it in the movie itself. We will provide topics, as well as Personal Release Forms for anyone on camera to sign to ensure we can legally use their image.

How do I join?!

We know you’re excited, because we’re excited too! Fill out THIS FORM (link) and put STREET TEAM as the subject. This will add you to our Street Team e-mail list! Be sure to give us  your social media links so we can invite you to our exclusive Facebook Group. It will give you immediate street cred — we promise!